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New DASTARDS drummer

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

His name is Mudie. His first gig with DASTARDS will be at the CHAGSTOCK FESTIVAL (where the band are supporting SQUEEZE). Not a bad first gig!

Here he is:

 Mudie of the DASTARDS

Calling All Music Publishing Companies!

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Have a listen to DASTARDS and contact us.

We’ve tried contacting a number of companies and only 1 (one) has even got back to us (and they just want instrumental music). We know that publishing is a specialised area (we want the music actively promoted) so we need a company who ‘get’ the band and the music who can effecively promote the music for films, tv, advertising etc. When they find out that WAKE can also write ‘to order’, and how musically talented DASTARDS are, they will realise what a ‘find’ they have made.

I was under the impression Publishing companies were trying to seek out music they could ‘exploit’ (preferably before the band are huge because then they should be able to make a better deal with the band). However – so far we have drawn a blank. This worries me – because we know that the music has great commercial potential – and if publishers can’t see it – then are they actually any good?

Maybe when one actually gets back to us – we’ll grab their arm off – because – with a bit of luck – we will have found one of the few companies out there who know what they are doing!


DASTARDS get more Kerrang Radio Airplay

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

On Sunday this week (10th May) Kerrang Radio played SUCCUMB by DASTARDS.

 Brilliant! – Thanks Alex and Kerrang Radio



Friday, September 5th, 2008

So – now we start the long haul towards xmas.

The summer (what summer?) gigs went well. Stoo has settled in as the DASTARDS drummer. Jake got the grades he needs to study music at Bristol – which means it should be easier for him to get to rehearsals / gigs etc.  George is starting his own business. 

Wake has now moved to London and has got a job. He has also been in touch with a publisher – we’ll see if anything comes of that.

Got some new badges. Have made a contact at XFM radio and DASTARDS CD’s etc have gone off there – to see if we can extend the radio play. Kerrang have been playing DASTARDS tracks virtually every week since October 2007.

Next gigs:

Sept 26th – Sound Bar, Birmingham

Sept 28th – Adamn & Eve, Birmingham

Oct 30th – Red Bar, University of Western England

See you there!