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DASTARDS – back in Camden on October 8th

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

If you missed the last DASTARDS gig at Tommy Flynns, joins us at GLASSWERK PRESENTS @ PURPLE TURTLE on Thursday October 8th.

 Also on – our friends the Musgraves (used to the Matthew Bennett Band) who we played with previously at Atticus in Birmingham.

Last night we wnt to a ‘musicians clinic’ organised by and met Mel Brown who did the PR for MUSE. She now has a couple of DASTARDS cds- lets see where we go!


DASTARDS Tracks featuring on Music Websites

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

This week have made STAYING OUT their featured single of the week. Text a Track is a great, simple music download service which is chart registered. All tracks £1. Simple.

Plus LONELY INBETWEEN is at #10 on the chart. It has also just been voted into the ‘Green Room’ at

S0 – whilst sometimes we think that the UK music press is ignoring us – some Music sites are LOVING US. (and we love them back!) 

2009 Exposure Music Awards nominees -DASTARDS

Monday, March 16th, 2009

We’ve been nominated in the Tourdates 2009 best live acts. 

Please vote for us here:


Stretch & DASTARDS
2009 Exposure Music Awards nominees
Tourdates are a major sponsor of the 2009 Exposure Music Awards which are taking place at the University of Gloucester Park Campus in Cheltenham on Saturday 25th April.

The tourdates community have the honour of deciding who will win three of the awards, Best Live Artist, Best Out of Area Artist and Best International Artist. The nominees for these awards are listed below, you can vote for your favourite by clicking the button on the artists tourdates profile, it’s easy, just follow the link!

To find out more about the awards go to