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Wednesday, July 14th, 2010


So … what’s been happening with the dastardly ones?

Well here goes ..

WAKE has re-recorded The Future and you can hear it here:

The band is choosing tracks for the first album. This is the choice so far:


I Know

Life On The Edge

Lonely In Between

Spitting Roses



Take A Left

The Sympathy March


Unknown Metaphors For Lift Off

The Future


These tracks show the true nature of DASTARDS – the darker, more thoughtful side. Let us know what you think of that choice.

WAKE has been in Norway for a few weeks touring around. He’s back on 17th July when the band can start gigging again.

And we’re looking forward to the WORCESTER MUSIC FESTIVAL ( in August where DASTARDS will be appearing on the BBC Introduing stage at the Marrs Bar in Worcester on August 20th. See you there!

DASTARDS – The Future

Monday, April 6th, 2009

The Future – it’s the name of the track that Wake is currently working on – plus it’s also something on our minds as we contemplate what the next stage of the Dastardly ‘Plan’ is.

The band is currently ‘drummer-less’. The band can continue to perform as a trio – and judging by the response at the last gig in London, the band are just as popular without drums. But some of the tacks – e.g. Staying Out – have drums as a central part of the track.

 So – do we look for another drummer to be a band member? Or do we say the band is a trio (like Busted!) and employ a session drummer for each live gig?

 What do you think?