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Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

DASTARDS took London by storm on Monday at The Fly in New Oxford Street.

Watched by industry agents and representatives from major labels, Wake fired off their 30 minute set with TAKE A LEFT, followed by UNKNOWN METAPHORS, FLASHLIGHTS, MIRANDA, the forthcoming single STAYING OUT and finishing with the beautiful, epic – and crowd mesmerising – TROUBLE.

The band was on top form. Stoo (on drums) said, “I was playing my own kit for once and that gives me an extra edge – and while recuperating from my op I’ve been able to practice some new fills which I tried Live for the first time at The Fly”

Also on the bill – and proving just how good the competition is were Minus IQ – who look like they are on the verge of something big, and Armstrong who have an original sound and some great songs.  

DASTARDS left London at Midnight – and won’t be leaving it another 2 years before being back again!�