DASTARDS get more Kerrang Radio Airplay

May 12th, 2009

On Sunday this week (10th May) Kerrang Radio played SUCCUMB by DASTARDS.

 Brilliant! – Thanks Alex and Kerrang Radio


FLASHLIGHTS by DASTARDS nominated for award!

April 21st, 2009

Announcing The Nominees:
The Judges Have Now Listened And Spoken;
In alphabetical and giving nothing way order your Nominees:

Winners will be announced on the Night of Sat 25th Apr at Park Campus Cheltenham…

Best Alt Song

Mistakes – Black Poets
You Ain’t Got Ya Way – Capelle Sound Burn The Witch
Flashlight – Dastards
Big Things – Divine Secret
Connected – Slashed Seat Affair
Pleasure Machine – The Furbelows


DASTARDS – The Future

April 6th, 2009

The Future – it’s the name of the track that Wake is currently working on – plus it’s also something on our minds as we contemplate what the next stage of the Dastardly ‘Plan’ is.

The band is currently ‘drummer-less’. The band can continue to perform as a trio – and judging by the response at the last gig in London, the band are just as popular without drums. But some of the tacks – e.g. Staying Out – have drums as a central part of the track.

 So – do we look for another drummer to be a band member? Or do we say the band is a trio (like Busted!) and employ a session drummer for each live gig?

 What do you think?  

DASTARDS – Does it need to be commercial?

March 25th, 2009

Here at Stretch Towers we have this conversation a lot – and it shows the breadth of Wake’s songwriting abilty that we are even discussing it. Do DASTARDS tracks need to be commercial?

The answer I guess depends on what we’re trying to achieve – and exactly what is meant by ‘Commercial’

It could be argued the ‘Commercial’ means ‘will it sell at all?’. Well – with the ‘long tail’ of global online retailers – even very niche tracks could sell in quantities that could keep the artist in beer and kebabs. But I think most people think that the word ‘Commercial’ means selling lots to the mainstream public ..

Before we look at that though we have to really think about the idea of people actually buying recorded tracks. Does anybody do this now? Apart from Grannies buying the Will Young CD (because he’s a nice polite young man), who else is buying? Download sales are massively increased – but I’ve yet to meet a teenager who has actually ‘bought’ a download. So I don’t think we can count on recorded music sales as the main source of income for DASTARDS in the future.

Maybe ‘Commercial’ means – ‘does it appeal to the masses’ (i.e. would they download it for free if they could? or would people watch this band live?). Well – we could dive off here into a discussion about the state of ‘live’ music in the UK – but let’s not.

I think we’ll assume that  ‘Commercial’ means ‘enough people like it to mean that it gets listened to’ then YES I think that DASTARDS tracks DO need to be ‘commercial’ – but – as we have discussed – ‘commercial’ will mean different things to different people. And really – at the end of the day – the artist has to bear in mind the audience for their music and – to coin a phrase – ‘Give them what they want!’

(And we’ll educate them at the same time time to try new types of music too)



DASTARDS on the hunt for a new drummer!

March 20th, 2009

DASTARDS are now looking for a new drummer. If you are red-hot at drumming, completely committed to being successful, got a good kit and your own transport, and are prepared to work hard (for no reward until the big break!), preferably* under 30 and a regular person – please get in touch – info@dastards.com – we’d like to meet you.

 *but not essential

DASTARDS headline The Cross Kings – London

March 18th, 2009

DASTARDS at The Cross Kings London March 17 2009

Despite the huge problems caused for us (and the promoter, and the rest of the artists) by our drummer dropping out at the last minute DASTARDS went on to really perform jaw-droppingly well in front of a London crowd that actually seemed to ‘get’ the band. 

DASTARDS in London


2009 Exposure Music Awards nominees -DASTARDS

March 16th, 2009

We’ve been nominated in the Tourdates 2009 best live acts. 

Please vote for us here:



Stretch & DASTARDS
2009 Exposure Music Awards nominees
Tourdates are a major sponsor of the 2009 Exposure Music Awards which are taking place at the University of Gloucester Park Campus in Cheltenham on Saturday 25th April.

The tourdates community have the honour of deciding who will win three of the awards, Best Live Artist, Best Out of Area Artist and Best International Artist. The nominees for these awards are listed below, you can vote for your favourite by clicking the button on the artists tourdates profile, it’s easy, just follow the link!

To find out more about the awards go to www.ExposureMusicAwards.org

Put “uks hottest new band” into Google!

March 15th, 2009

And this is what you get … (and Oasis & Pete Doherty aren’t NEW!)

Oasis crowned best British band at NME Awards winners – Telegraph  

  • 26 Feb 2009 Other winners included MGMT (best new band and best track for Time To http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/4806751/Oasis-crowned-best-British
    www.telegraph.co.uk/news/4806751/Oasis-crowned-best-British-band-at-NME-Awards-winners.html – Similar pages

  • Oasis named NME’s Best Band – Yahoo! News UK  

    Amy Winehouse was named Worst Dressed and Pete Doherty picked up the award for Best New Band. The Mighty Boosh won the Best TV award, beating Skins,
    uk.news.yahoo.com/4/20090225/ten-oasis-named-nme-s-best-band-ea4616c.html – 29k – CachedSimilar pages

  • DASTARDS – The official site of DASTARDS | The UK’s Hottest New Band  

    DASTARDS – Official DASTARDS Website – The UK’s hottest new band.
    www.dastards.com/ – 13k – CachedSimilar pages

  • DASTARDS Gig Review by Andy O’Hare on the BBC

    March 15th, 2009

    The DastardsThe Dastards

    There was more Old Grey Whistle Test-like memorable numbers from probably the biggest-hitting band currently in the two counties. This was an all-too-rare home fixture from The Dastards, who are busy making waves country-wide with stand-out numbers like ‘Flashlights’ and the Gloria-ish ‘Miranda’. The trademark ‘distinctive vocals’ from frontman Wake are very much the feature of these melodic indie-rockers – and a mini-scoop on the Friday Session Introdcuing last week I think for a pre-release hearing of the new single ‘Staying Out’ – back of the net! Standout for me, though, was the awesome Boys-Don’t-Cry-like anthem ‘Scaffolds Of Muscle’.

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    DASTARDS play London – March 17th CROSS KINGS

    March 13th, 2009

    Come and watch DASTARDS in London on March 17th at the CROSS KINGS – in KINGS CROSS!