Drawing from an eclectic set of influences – Dylan through to Muse – 4-piece DASTARDS from the Midlands, UK have compiled an unusually large and varied set for a band barely out of college. Not surprising when you consider that frontman WAKE got his first guitar aged 4 and 17 years later, if he’s not playing the guitar – he’s thinking about playing the guitar.

Formed in 2005, they hit the national press in 2006 with their ‘Shami Chakrabarti’ song. DASTARDS released their first single ‘What I Came For’ in March 2007, and ‘Flashlights’  – with references to Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ – was released in October 2007.  Their 3rd single  STAYING OUT – was released on 15th Feb 2009 and TAKE A LEFT release date was 20th July 2009 (straight after supporting the mighty SQUEEZE at the CHAGSTOCK FESTIVAL 09.

 DASTARDS have recently been getting huge support and regular airplay from Kerrang Radio and Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Radio.

DASTARDS are WAKE (vocals), JUST JAKE (bass), GUITAR GEORGE (lead) & MUDIE (drums)

“I like the singer’s voice, and I like the name. And the 80’s synth arpeggios are pretty incredible.” – Damian, OK GO

“Really like this track, especially the arpeg. synth. A tight production as well” – James Digital A & R Columbia / RCA

Ah, good, rocking at speed through some kind of fuzz-drenched blues swamp. Its rough, its ready, it rocks and if you want anything else from Lynrd Skynrd on toad-lick, you want too much”

“Up to its skinny English knees in Americana, quaver vox, churning guitars, its got the full set and talking of guitars, which, face it, we were bound to at some stage, The DASTARDS have quite an impressive armoury. Listen up, listen here”

            – Unpeeled Magazine

“WAKE leads their assault with his amazingly individualistic vocal work – really strange, wavering, quavering and God knows what! Strange but stunning!! The overall sound and style is memorable, refreshing and slightly American-esque. Mature, classy and thought provoking songwriting adds massive strength to the guys’ silky-slick, often breathtaking performance”
“The heart and driving force of DASTARDS is the unique and exciting
singer /songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist, WAKE. And this guy is
something quite special, very special, frighteningly special!!

 – Toxic Pete

“Slick indie rock”  “like swimming in a sea of chocolate” – PowPowPow

“Some might say Placebo but I wouldn’t. I think this
band are  better than Molko and his cohorts!”

– Johnny English

“Awesome”         –  Kerrang

DASTARDS are the only band on Stretch Records

Contact Mark Stretch
01905 820033 / 07980 263395

mark@stretchrecords.co.uk    www.DASTARDS.com

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