DASTARDS Booked for All Dayer at The Flapper in Birmingham

DASTARDS have been booked for PLATFORM PROMOTIONS celebration of its first full year putting on great gigs in the Birmingham area. It’s a 2 day affair. DASTARDS are playing on 23rd Aug in the evening.

Also on the same bill  are:

 Line up for 23rd August
2.00     TBA

2.45     Aaron Yorke

3.30    Junkyard Morning

4.15    The LGM

5.00    Hero Machine

5.45    Long Road Ghosts

6.30    Sick City Club

7.15    The Redcaps

8.00    Shackletons

8.45   Dastards!

9.30     Anyone for Shark!

22.15   Old School Tie

23.00    360

Should be good (especially as the band will have been playing at the Worcester Festival the night before)!


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