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DASTARDS gig gets moved to The Enterprise

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Last nights gig was moved at the last minute (we only heard during the drive down) – and was therefore a complete shambles. We had to stop and get the details of the new venue. So the band arrived late. All the people who were coming to see the band went to the original venue – and couldn’t get in because it was a private party.

So – the band had no time to sound check, were still stressed out from the journey (the road was closaed outside the venue so it meant an extra 20 minutes trying to find another route in London traffic), there were very few people there (even though the pub downstairs was full).

Anyway – the band gave it their best shot and then retreated outside to re-group.

Highlight of the evening? Hearing the new version of FLASHLIGHTS. It was only a rough mix but it sounds FANTASTIC!

Can you tell they are pissed off?

Let’s hope next weeks gigs are better. They are at THE JAILHOUSE in HEREFORD on WEDNESDAY 16th DEC (Hereford 6th Form College’s Christmas Party) and at THE JUNCTION in BRISTOL on 19th Dec 2009.

DASTARDS are back in London AND Bristol

Friday, December 4th, 2009

10 Dec 09 sees DASTARDS back at the Purple Turtle in Camden, London. Hope you can join us!

Then on Saturday 19th December DASTARDS are headlining at THE JUNCTION in Bristol. Get down and dirty … but don’t Stumble & Fall.