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DASTARDS Release 4th Single – TAKE A LEFT

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

DASTARDS are releasing their 4th single called TAKE A LEFT on July 20th 2009 – straight after the CHAGSTOCK FESTIVAL.

TAKE A LEFT has been played on Kerrang Radio several times.

Here are some reviews (from Slice The Pie)

“Very Cocteau Twins! Great song and nice to hear this kind of thing, something different.”  

“The vocals were delivered with conviction, I really liked the melody lines. This track is the sort of thing that’s all over the radio at the moment. Very now. This band could go very far. Def tipped by me anyway”

“Good start enjoyed it, really catchy voice could see this one in charts, the beat is good too!”

“Similar vocal style to Placebo but with much more energy and verve. Well written , composed and played”

“Brilliant! Love this track, lyrics, music everything is ace. Excellent sing along – I’ll expect big things from this band!”

“This is a one to rock to and i love the power of the singer and the raw massive energy of the tune. The guitar and drums are great and i can see this doing well.”

“A wonderful start with some excellent playing of the electric guitars, simply amazing and a joy to listen to, love the whole beat to this one. Vocals are very edgey and they have an usual voice which works well against the background music. Brilliant tune and very vibrant. Whole thing has been put together well and I am certain they have potential, loads of energy and talent.”

“The opening is fast and bright and ringing. Some lovely lower strumming joins in giving it a multi level feel. Vocal are charismatic, enthusiastic and the vocalist has such a distinctive voice. I like the liveliness of this track. That little huffing shuffle is a nice soft change from drumming the whole time. Quite a speedy pace and it is a good effect, very much life rushing by and the performers are the participants of the scene. Good clapping section. As though we are all standing back and watching the scene unfold at that point.”

“Really nice guitar playing at the start, awesome infact. Then the bass comes in with some scales behind it and then the drumming. The vocals are cool and very new rocky”

“Amazing energy in this song which made listening enjoyable. Can imagine all listeners rocking to this…great fun song.”

“The strident sunny guitar is blazing and ripe for exposure. Vocals which call to mind Kasiers in their early days work brilliantly. The punky vibe is very now and this could be a hit I think”

And here’s the band playing it live at FESTIBULL

New DASTARDS drummer

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

His name is Mudie. His first gig with DASTARDS will be at the CHAGSTOCK FESTIVAL (where the band are supporting SQUEEZE). Not a bad first gig!

Here he is:

 Mudie of the DASTARDS