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Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Where are those DASTARDS I hear you ask?

Well – there’s a bit of a hiatus going on right now. Wake – the singer and song writer has moved to Norway. No-one is sure if this is a permanent move or not but it does mean that the band cannot perform live for the forseeable future. The tracks however live on – and should there be enough of a demand we’re sure the band will reform one day.

So – THANK YOU to everyone who came to a DASTARDS gig, and who bought a CD or download. Please continue to show your love. Keep buying the tracks (they will still keep coming out) and please support the members in their individual projects.

From All of us at DASTARDS & Stretch Records

Stretch Records

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Stretch Records - home of DASTARDS musicStretch Records was founded in 1996 to look after & promote a new young band from Evesham called Panic Hats.

After successfully releasing an EP and ‘bubbling under’ in the UK music scene the vocalist quit and the band parted.

Stretch Records was ‘mothballed’ until 2005 when the son of the owner announced that his band was ‘ready’. DASTARDS first gig was at The Hard Rock Cafe in Birmingham in March 2005. They then went from strength to strength. Stretch Records then formed a limited company and took on Hylton Barnes as Chairman.

Currently DASTARDS is the only band on the roster – but soon there will be more.

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