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Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Tom Robinson (soon ‘Glad to be Grey’) is playing TAKE A LEFT by DASTARDS on his ‘Fresh on the Net’ show this weekend (17th / 18th April).

Tom has played a number of DASTARDS tracks over the past 18 months – and we really appreciate it. It’s not like we know him – although he has emailed us a couple of times – so these tracks are being played on their merit alone.

Playing DASTARDS tracks on the radio is the ONLY way we will be able to reach a wider audience (bearing in mind how few people go to live gigs these days) so it’s even more important that 6 radio is saved from the BBC axe.

Please everyone – listen to 6 Radio. Contact the BBC – and let them know that scrapping 6 radio will stifle the emergence of great new music.


And a big thanks to Tom and his team.

Stretch & DASTARDS


Sunday, January 31st, 2010

On advice from members of the Musicians Clinic held in October 2009, plus with feedback back from A & R, DASTARDS have re-recorded FLASHLIGHTS in order to make it even better.

Gone are the arpeggios and acoustic guitars. In come some real ballsy guitars, a new bass line, massive lead breaks and a bigger drum sound – the overall effect being to give the track (already well-liked by Kerrang Radio) a huge wall of sound – just the spacey feel originally intended.

Check it out here:

Calling All Music Publishing Companies!

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Have a listen to DASTARDS and contact us.

We’ve tried contacting a number of companies and only 1 (one) has even got back to us (and they just want instrumental music). We know that publishing is a specialised area (we want the music actively promoted) so we need a company who ‘get’ the band and the music who can effecively promote the music for films, tv, advertising etc. When they find out that WAKE can also write ‘to order’, and how musically talented DASTARDS are, they will realise what a ‘find’ they have made.

I was under the impression Publishing companies were trying to seek out music they could ‘exploit’ (preferably before the band are huge because then they should be able to make a better deal with the band). However – so far we have drawn a blank. This worries me – because we know that the music has great commercial potential – and if publishers can’t see it – then are they actually any good?

Maybe when one actually gets back to us – we’ll grab their arm off – because – with a bit of luck – we will have found one of the few companies out there who know what they are doing!


DASTARDS audition Drummers

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

This week we are auditioning potential drummers for the band.

We are looking for someone special – who understands the music and is a superb musician, who gets what DASTARDS are all about, and who fits in with the rest of the band.

Looking forward to the new person joining – and getting back to full band performances!


FLASHLIGHTS by DASTARDS nominated for award!

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Announcing The Nominees:
The Judges Have Now Listened And Spoken;
In alphabetical and giving nothing way order your Nominees:

Winners will be announced on the Night of Sat 25th Apr at Park Campus Cheltenham…

Best Alt Song

Mistakes – Black Poets
You Ain’t Got Ya Way – Capelle Sound Burn The Witch
Flashlight – Dastards
Big Things – Divine Secret
Connected – Slashed Seat Affair
Pleasure Machine – The Furbelows

The Sympathy March

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Here’s the latest DASTARDS track as a free download!