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Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Where are those DASTARDS I hear you ask?

Well – there’s a bit of a hiatus going on right now. Wake – the singer and song writer has moved to Norway. No-one is sure if this is a permanent move or not but it does mean that the band cannot perform live for the forseeable future. The tracks however live on – and should there be enough of a demand we’re sure the band will reform one day.

So – THANK YOU to everyone who came to a DASTARDS gig, and who bought a CD or download. Please continue to show your love. Keep buying the tracks (they will still keep coming out) and please support the members in their individual projects.

From All of us at DASTARDS & Stretch Records

DASTARDS play Colston Hall and Bristol O2 in the same weekend

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Here’s the band playing (in their new acoustic guise) playing at Colston Hall in Bristol on Friday 3rd September 


Wednesday, July 14th, 2010


So … what’s been happening with the dastardly ones?

Well here goes ..

WAKE has re-recorded The Future and you can hear it here:

The band is choosing tracks for the first album. This is the choice so far:


I Know

Life On The Edge

Lonely In Between

Spitting Roses



Take A Left

The Sympathy March


Unknown Metaphors For Lift Off

The Future


These tracks show the true nature of DASTARDS – the darker, more thoughtful side. Let us know what you think of that choice.

WAKE has been in Norway for a few weeks touring around. He’s back on 17th July when the band can start gigging again.

And we’re looking forward to the WORCESTER MUSIC FESTIVAL ( in August where DASTARDS will be appearing on the BBC Introduing stage at the Marrs Bar in Worcester on August 20th. See you there!

DASTARDS play the Firefly – and other news!

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

DASTARDS play at the Firefly in Worcester tomorrow night (6th May – Election night). Starts at 8pm (don’t be late). Also on are Tantrums and Barefoot. Not seen either of these before.

Plus a TV company has asked the band to audition on 13th May for a forthcoming TV programme. (That’s all we can say on that one).

And DASTARDS have re-recorded The Sympathy March at the Magic Garden Studio. The track was produced by Gavin Monaghan (who also produced The Editors, The Twang, Kings of Leon, Ocean Colour Scene etc. etc.)

And BBC Hereford & Worcester played ‘Pylon’ last Friday night. I sent them the newly recorded track but I suspect that it takes a while to get through the BBC’s ‘uploader’ system ..

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Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Tom Robinson (soon ‘Glad to be Grey’) is playing TAKE A LEFT by DASTARDS on his ‘Fresh on the Net’ show this weekend (17th / 18th April).

Tom has played a number of DASTARDS tracks over the past 18 months – and we really appreciate it. It’s not like we know him – although he has emailed us a couple of times – so these tracks are being played on their merit alone.

Playing DASTARDS tracks on the radio is the ONLY way we will be able to reach a wider audience (bearing in mind how few people go to live gigs these days) so it’s even more important that 6 radio is saved from the BBC axe.

Please everyone – listen to 6 Radio. Contact the BBC – and let them know that scrapping 6 radio will stifle the emergence of great new music.


And a big thanks to Tom and his team.

Stretch & DASTARDS

DASTARDS Promo Shots

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Next gigs

21st April  The Croft, Bristol

1st May     Marrs Bar, Worcester

6th May    Firefly, Worcester

8th May    Private Party, Worcester

6 June       Worcester Music Festival Fundraiser at Worcester  Arts workshop 

DASTARDLY busy week for the DASTARDS

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Monday 15th March :       Photo session

Tuesday 16th March :      Gig (Non-Public – Assessment)

Wednesday :                      Rehearsal

Thursday :                         Gig (O2 Academy, Bristol)

Watch this space for further developments …

DASTARDS – catch an Exclusive Acoustic Session in Bristol

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Wake & Jake are performing a live acoustic session at The Drawbridge in Bristol on Friday March 12th. FREE ENTRY !!! Join us.


Friday, February 12th, 2010

DASTARDS are putting on a show this coming Monday (15th Feb 2009) at Joe Public’s in Bristol.

The night is called ‘BANDAGE’ and is to raise money for the people of Haiti. It’s FREE ENTRY and there will be a bucket passed round for donations to the DEC appeal. Also are are HOT FICTION. Should be a great night!

Our new postcards have arrived so we’ll be giving lots away during the night.

Join us on Monday and hear some previously unplayed tracks (like PYLON and BLOOD) from Britains hottest new unsigned band.

See you there – STRETCH


Sunday, January 31st, 2010

On advice from members of the Musicians Clinic held in October 2009, plus with feedback back from A & R, DASTARDS have re-recorded FLASHLIGHTS in order to make it even better.

Gone are the arpeggios and acoustic guitars. In come some real ballsy guitars, a new bass line, massive lead breaks and a bigger drum sound – the overall effect being to give the track (already well-liked by Kerrang Radio) a huge wall of sound – just the spacey feel originally intended.

Check it out here: